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LRS DAV Sr. Sec. Model School, Abohar is celebrating its golden jubilee year in the session 2021-22. On 24th April-2022, the premium institute of the illaqa will complete 50 years of its service to the cause of education.

यः पठति लिखति पश्यति परिपृच्छति

पंडितान् उपाश्रयति।

तस्य दिवाकरकिरणैः नलिनी दलं

इव विस्तारिता बुध्दिः।।


One who reads, writes, visualizes, asks questions, takes shelter of wise, his/her intelligence grows in the same way as the lotus petals grow when the rays of the sun fall on them.


Having faith in this ideology, we at LRS DAV Abohar are committed to groom our students’ inquisitiveness, expand their horizons, channelize their boundless energy, unbridled enthusiasm, unparalleled vision and enhance their reading and writing proficiency.

We believe in imparting quality education laced with modern techniques, deep-rooted in Indian ethos, culture, and Anglo Vedic value system. Boasting of the best faculty, ultra-modern infrastructure, vision of great academicians associated with DAV, the institution has contributed to the society by adding IAS, IPS officers, judges, advocates, cine celebrities Army/ Air force officers, professors, engineers, doctors, fashion designers,  hoteliers, teachers and above all Indian citizens embracing and taking pride in Indian values and traditions.     

       I, along with my dedicated faculty (commit) pledge to build a school that nourishes the intellectual as well as emotional needs of the students, to be their friend, mentor, and coach in whom they can confide in ever.

May the Almighty be with us all…

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ! 

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L.R.S. D.A.V. Sr. Sec. Model School,
DAV Campus, ABOHAR, Punjab-152116.
Contact No: 01634-224326, 01634-220755

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